About KA’a

KA’a is a collaboration between two international stencil and aerosol artists: Kirsty Furniss and Mathieu Augereau.  

KA’a creates Urban art  & exhibits internationally. Their artwork exists at the frontiers between painting and street art, abstract and figurative, aesthetic and social commentary. Their paintings and murals are characterised by detailed stencils of people and scenes that are part of a dynamic balanced composition; focus is placed on a mix of free hand aerosol colour and texture work in combination with layered stencils and additional mediums.  The result is a fresh and distinguishing style.

Overall KA’a’s motivation is to create works that are contrasting and engaging, that blend nature with chaotic city life, while focusing on the under-represented. Works depict life in the streets and highlight different socio-cultural and environmental focuses. Inspiration for the settings and characters are drawn from S.E. Asia to Australia.

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